Twitter Tips – The Simple Way to Generate Tweets for Sharing

I like things simple.  I find myself saying this to clients nearly every week as we look at problems and how to resolve them.  In my website design business where I’m working primarily with coaches and consultants to create a professional WordPress site, “simple” is most certainly not another way of saying shoddy, unprofessional, uncaring.  It really means that for the client and I we go for the most common sense ‘good enough’ ideas to accomplish what we want while for the end user, their target market, there is  little or no possibility of confusion, uncertainty and inaction.

So when we want people to take some sort of action, the easier we can make it for them, the more likely we are to get the result we want.  Here’s a little tool that will make it easy and simple to encourage people to tweet your stuff, and it’s called “Click to Tweet”.

Click to Tweet easy application

What is Click to Tweet?

It’s a little application – no sign-up or payment required – that allows people to click a link in your blog post that is pre-populated with a suggested tweet from you that they can tweet to their many Twitter followers with one click.

‘Simple’ isn’t a byword for lack of care in business but the ability not to confuse our target market via @OnlineBizGym – Click to Tweet

There’s an example for you above and here’s all I did:

Step 1

I’ve gone to Click to Tweet, created that tweet and included my Twitter handle.  You could just as easily include your website URL.  I then clicked the “Generate Link!” button to be given this unique link:

Step 2

I’ve added the text ie “‘Simple’ isn’t a byword for lack of care in business but the ability not to confuse our target market via @OnlineBizGym” to this post followed by the anchor text, “Click to Tweet”, or you could say “Tweet now” or “Share the Love”, whatever takes your fancy.  And then used the generated link for that anchor text.

How Could You Use Click to Tweet?

Though your blog is, I hope, set up so that people can easily share a link for your articles on Twitter and Facebook, the usefulness of this little tool is to manage what you want people to share and make it easy for them to do that.  In our time-pressed lives, if you can come up with some sound bites, inspirational quotes or calls to action that appeal to others, they will happily share them.  It is easy Twitter content for them after all.

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  1. I’ve seen this around the blogosphere and wondered, “How’d they do that?”

    Thanks for the step by step Marion:-)

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