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Back in February this year Judith Morgan and I made a quick announcement to our lists that we were looking for a dozen would-be bloggers and writers who wanted to join our February blogging pilot.  There wasn’t a great deal more reason to our offer at that time than the pure desire to encourage and support others to do more business blogging and become more competent and confident writers – since blogging has been our ‘secret’ business weapon for many years now.

Both Judith and I have been blogging since the mid 2000s, pretty much the minute blogging started to emerge onto the web in fact.  We’ve blogged our private lives and our business ones and both agree that as far as marketing is concerned, it was our writing that was always the central plank in what we did to attract clients to work with us.  In case you don’t know us so well, we are both experienced coaches and mentors and I’ve been a website designer since 2007.

Within 12 hours we had filled our 12 spaces and sadly turned away many more of you.  Our delicious dozen were a joy to work with.  They blogged their hearts out as we’d asked and in addition were open to feedback, learning new tricks and supporting each other.  Such was the energy that by the end of the month people were reporting big increases in readership, engagement via blog comments, new connections via guest blogging and new business opportunities.

Soon the Better Bloggers project grew into a much bigger idea, Entrepreneur Soul, the online newspaper where entrepreneurs on a mission and soul-filled small business owners can share their stories, opinions, ideas and inspiration with like-minded peeps.

Now we are launching The Blog Partnership and today we are offering just seven of you the opportunity to get in early, get in on the fast pass and let the magic of writing in partnership grow your business – and you of course too.

The Blog Partnership from Marion Ryan and Judith Morgan

There is really only one thing that stands between most small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and service professionals and that is marketing.  The M word makes many grown women cry and reach for the smelling salts.  We believe in what we do and the service or products we offer our market but somehow it’s not quite nice to promote ourselves or ask for the sale.

Blogging is however a brilliant marketing tool and any of us seriously wanting to use the power of the internet to grow our business can barely afford not to be blogging.  Why so?

  • It’s dynamic content which the search engines love
  • It doesn’t involve getting up at 5am to eat a full English with men in suits
  • Keyword rich content gets you found quickly online
  • You have a chance to showcase your expertise
  • You demonstrate abundance and generosity by sharing your knowledge
  • Your ideal client can check you out at no risk to themselves
  • You start building relationships
  • You get to interact with future clients
  • You discover what people really want and are interested in
  • Your posts can be re-used for article marketing, newsletters, podcasts and paid products
  • They can become the groundwork for a book or a publishing deal
  • It quickly improves your writing skills
  • It’s as cheap as any markting can be
  • It creates new friendships, joint ventures and connections all over the world

If you want 2012 to be the year your business grows, the year you learn to write with confidence and the year you make more money online then check out The Blog Partnership.  There is an opening for just seven of you who want to grow your business in the company of a small and very supportive writing community.  We have put together a great package for you which you will love.

Will you join us today?  We can’t wait to meet you!

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