About Marion

Hi, I’m Marion Ryan, thanks for stopping by and checking me out.

The Professional Stuff

Since 2007 I’ve been designing websites for coaches, consultants, writers and alternative practitioners, helping them present a professional image online with my WordPress website design and online consultancy services that include mentoring, training and supporting them to grow their business, attract new clients and make more dosh.

I’ve had an interesting career spanning property management, recruitment consultancy, corporate training and coaching and loved all of it.

I’d been fascinated by the internet since 2000 when I began coaching and needed a website.  I began creating websites six years ago when my coaching clients starting asking me to set theirs up and I’ve been doing it happily ever since then, during which time I’ve worked with many small business owners, not just the coaches, consultants and holistic practitioners but other solo professionals such as authors, solicitors, jewellery designers and wedding consultants.

So Why Work  With Me?

I’m always fascinated to hear about people’s businesses, established or still just a brilliant idea from the shower.

“The first thing I noticed about Marion was how open she was and how she took time to understand my business…”  Sonia Grover

When we meet for an initial Skype chat, I’m likely to ask you the questions that will get you thinking about where you are taking your business in the future or share some ideas of my own that you won’t have thought of.

“Marion was very patient in explaining things when I didn’t have a clue.  I valued her insight, experience and suggestions when I was unsure of which direction to go…”  Laura Kreassig

I love beauty and order, have an eye for detail and a creative brain.

“Marion is thorough, patient and creative with a great eye for detail – she over-delivered on many aspects of creating my new website…”  Madeleine Giddens

I believe people are entitled to a great client experience and I always aim to give you more than you were expecting.  I care for your professional image and will proof read, copy edit and give you feedback on your content in a direct but gentle way.

“Marion really went the extra mile not only to get me the website I wanted but also to provide support and advice as we went through the process…”  Vicky Millar

I understand what you don’t understand.  I take time to show you how your website works and give you continuing support for issues that might crop up after the job is complete.

“This is turning into a very good day indeed.  Wow.  Thank you for the tutorial Marion!  You are making me look pretty darn professional and I like that..!  Kerry Hales

I create websites that my clients and I love,  without every forgetting it’s their target market we need to please.

“I am really happy with my website and in fact I just had a new chiropractic patient today from it…”  Tania Miller

And essentially, I understand how to optimize your website for the search engines while retaining your authentic voice to attract your ideal clients.

“Marion thinks through the details I don’t have time for like SEO, increasing subscriber numbers, etc to recommend what will drive my business forward…”  Dr Suzanne Doyle Morris

Hand in hand with the joy I get from website design is my love of writing and the written word.  I’ve been writing online since my first newsletter in 2002, I’ve produced many hundreds of articles and blog posts on at least seven different blogs over the years, written ebooks, ecourses and PLR content and taught others to do write in my popular Article Marketing Bootcamp.

“Marion’s bootcamp has definitely got my writing juices flowing, I am now a published author of several articles  and am inspired to write something on a daily basis…”  Donovan Grant

The Promise I Give My Clients

My clients are mostly female service professionals – coaches, consultants, writers and alternative practitioners.  I LOVE working with these smart businesswomen and discovering the uniqueness of their business.  The promise I make to my clients is to listen to them and answer their questions, to learn about their business and the goals they have for it, to share my expertise and ideas with them  and to create a website they, their prospects and clients love and importantly, which helps them attract more clients, automate their business and make more money.

You can see some of their websites in my Website Showcase or read their testimonials here.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking around my site and if if you want to, get in touch via my Contact page.  I love hearing from you and I will respond promptly, usually in under 24 hours.  And finally, if you’ve not done so already, and would like to get my occasional updates, please drop your name and primary email in the sign-up on the right.